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Hortulus theme gardens in Dobrzyca

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September 13, 2022

Hortulus Gardens in Dobrzyca

Hortulus Thematic Gardens are nearly 30 different, separate themed gardens spread over an area of more than 4h. Among them are those strictly related to the type of environment – rock garden, forest garden, among others, as well as those dominated by architecture and style related to national art and culture, such as: Japanese, French or Mediterranean garden.

A group of sensory gardens has been designed in the English style – each of them stimulates different human senses. The sight will be captured by gardens of color, light and shadow, which include the garden of purple and fire, lilac-pink, blue-yellow, white. Hearing will be awakened by gardens of noise, rustling, sound that is, gardens of grass and water gardens, including a garden in the style of the eminent architect – Antonio Gaudi. Smell, aroma, fragrance, is mainly three types of herb gardens, a fragrant garden and a beautiful English-style rosarium.

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